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Keywords: Travel and Living, Accomodation, Tourist Hotspots, Hotel Bookings

Mentor: Samsung India Software Center
Duration: September - October, 2011

Application Description
You are watching a travel show on TV…you think…”Wow, Tawang is so beautiful”…”I wonder where it is in the North-East”…”If only I could know more about it’s history, people and culture!” Ever dreamt of actually going to the north-east to meet these wonderful people? HOW WOULD I GO? WHERE WOULD I STAY?

We present “Travellocity”, a unique app which helps you know more about something shown on TV; which helps you go through related advertisements according to your liking; which brings pertinent information to your finger tips; which for the first time, mixes television and the internet on the same screen…

The main objective of this app is to give more command to the user to choose the kind of information he/she wants to know. We are providing them a platform which they can customize to know exactly what they want, and not just sit in front of the TV. We are making the user more involved and transforming the experience of watching the television from passive to active.

App Features

  • Samsung Smart T.V. provides platform for user to browse through secondary information about primary display of Tourist Spots on the TV.
  • Users can browse through different kinds of information and know more about it through different media like text, pics, video, maps etc.
  • Users can click on the advertisements to know more about it and click on links to take them to further pages
  • This basically helps the user to gain more knowledge about the place being shown in the Travel and Living TV programme.
  • He will know basic details like the transportation facilities, hotels, hotspots, and also the culture and background of that place.

Portfolio > Competition Entries > Travellocity