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Beauty can be seen in all things, but seeing and composing that beauty is all that separates a Photogragh from a snapshot. Being a theatre artist and a director of several stage-plays and short films, I am deeply passionate about film and camera. Following are some of my works in film, photography and animation.

Is that it? - Short Film

"Is that it?" is an English short directed and enacted by me. It is an artistic exploration of how human beings travel through their life without actually knowing about many unnoticed events. It was an effort of 4 days including script-writing, shooting and editing which made this movie possible.

SankalpTaru Re-imagining Plantation

SankalpTaru is a Tree Plantation and Rural Livelihood Support Program. It is a Social Network of Trees, where you plant trees online, tag wishes to them and stay connected with them through GPS and social technologies. The video explains how deforestation affects our lives and what SankalpTaru offers us in order to make the earth more greener.

Jaxl - Realtime Messaging Platform

Jaxl is a real-time PUSH transport for applications over cloud which works across all platforms. Jaxl provided easy to use frontend and backend API's over it's Platform As A Service (PAAS). The video explains about the various issues that are faced by a developer and how Jaxl can help resolve those issues and make development easier.

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