Being M S N Karthik....

Hello! I am M S N Karthik, friends call me msn! I am a happy-go-lucky-boy with different tastes and ideas. I was different from all the other guys and girls of my age throughout my schooling. This helped me in getting out new stuff and new ideas. Needless to say that I have a completely different vision of things around me.

Since my childhood, I had a mad liking for sketching and painting. My parents and my teachers nurtured this talent in me and gave me a supporting hand which helped me a great deal and today, I am doing design in bachelors in one of the premier institutes of India that is Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. I put my heart and soul whenever I design anything on Earth. It can be user interfaces, painting, photography, web-designing, programming or videomaking. I love exploring new stuff. In the field of design, I have gained experience in many domains like Visual Design, Web Design and Human Computer Interaction.

I am a firm believer of the saying ALL WORK NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY! Hence, I see to it that I participate in various co-curricular and extracurricular activities like music, dance and dramatics. I have participated in various competitions at various levels and got the accolades of eminent people.

Apart from designing, I want to do something extraordinary to the society which has taught me how to live life. It has been a gratifying experience living the life of KARTHIK. I thank my parents, grandparents, teachers and friends for their constant encouragement, and God for giving me this life.