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Keywords: Household Bills, Date Tracker, Electricity, Telephone, Bill Payment

Mentor: Samsung India Software Center
Duration: September - October, 2011

Application Description
Ever wished you could pay all your bills while watching TV with your family after a long exhaustive day’s work? Dare to dream of a way in which you never went past your due date? If only there was a way to skip all the long queues in the scorching sun just inorder to pay your bills…..
Presenting to you BillVetan, a one-stop app to clear away all your bill woes. A personalised bill payment system by which you can clear all your bills without stepping out of your house.

The main objective of this app is to help you to pay bills online while watching TV, because we know you work hard for that little time you spend with your family watching TV, relaxing and letting go…

App Features

  • This Samsung smart T.V. application provides platform for user to access bills from service providers.
  • Users can access the bills and pay them while watching t.v which saves them the effort and time of doing so manually or by any other device.
  • The users paying the bill via Billvetan or any other mode are all similar only that it is much easier.
  • Billvetan provides platform for services to send notices about bills which pops up according to the users demands.
  • Bills are cleared by the user via the Billvetan very easily and efficiently, and this is similar to online bill transactions.
  • The service providers acknowledge the payment of the bill and send a confirmation to the user.

Portfolio > Competition Entries > Billvetan