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Keywords: Gossips, Discussion forums, Television groups

Mentor: Samsung India Software Center
Duration: September - October, 2011

Application Description
Ever wondered what your mom gossiped about with your grandma over the phone? Ever wished you could talk to your friends while watching the match? Ever wished you could share your views with the world about what just happened in prison break?
Presenting to you GOSSIPGIRI, THE place to post your views, chat with your friends and well, gossip, while watching the live programme.

The main objective of this app is to present to you a fun app which enables you to share your views and indulge in gossip about the happenings of the program you are looking at right now on your TV, not just with friends, but with the whole wide world!

App Features

  • Samsung smart T.V. provides platform for user to post his opinions on the internet.
  • The user does not have to open up another system and login to the internet and create forums for every program. This app does it all automatically.
  • The app provides platform for channel services to have a separate forum for every program posted on the internet. (The Forum is actually a website). For repeating/everyday occuring programs the thread continues from previous state. Posts are written by the user via the Gossip-giri, while watching the program on TV.

Portfolio > Competition Entries > Gossipgiri