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Keywords: Safety, Emergency systems, Alarms

Mentor: Samsung India Software Center
Duration: September - October, 2011

Application Description
Ever scared of being alone at home when you suffer another stroke? Do you still remember the number for the medical or fire emergency services? What if a burglar tries to break into your house and you can’t reach your cell phone? WHAT WOULD YOU DO? HOW DO YOU CALL FOR HELP?
Presenting to you “Emergency!”, an application which sends lightning fast SOS message to the emergency services and to your near and dear ones, in case of urgent need, just by clicking on your TV remote.

To provide a safety app which helps you access an emergency system on the TV itself. All you need to do is remember the code for your kind of emergency and enter it through your remote while the TV is on. The app will guide you ahead and do the rest of the job for you.

App Features

  • Samsung smart T.V. provides platform for user to access vital emergency services at the tip of his fingers. Users can access an emergency system without delay which will guide them through and save precious seconds.
  • The user has to do minimal amount of work. No need to remember contacts. Just a simple 4 digit code sequence.
  • Emergency! App will send SMSes to 108 and personal contacts, informing them you are facing an emergency.

Portfolio > Competition Entries > Emergency!