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Keywords: Hacker, Computer, Database, Virus

Mentor: Samsung India Software Center
Duration: September - October, 2011

Application Description
Computers are part of everyday life. We use them for all purposes knowingly and unknowingly and lots of data goes into these systems. Its very important to secure this data as some of this may be personal. World wide web is open and once put on it, your data is accessible to lots of people and hence, there is high risk of it to be exposed in the wrong hands(Hackers). Its necessary for us to know the tools and ways these hackers attack our computers so that we know how to secure the data. So, here we present you an app idea which helps people to know about hacking and learn tools to secure your data.

Game Scenario

The game takes place inside a computer system, and has 3 levels sky, ground and dungeon.

  • In the mission attack mode, the scenario is that some hacker XXX, depicted as hackando, who developed the virus program and injected it into a computer system. The system is depicted as a facility and the buildings as executable programs and so on.

  • In the mission defend mode, the scenario is that the antivirus program is the hackando and he is responsible for the setting up of the environment. He will be responsible for making firewalls, backdoor detectors, antivirus agents at different places in the facility to make life tough for other hacker programs

Portfolio > Competition Entries > Hackando