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Other Websites

I have also designed various other websites. One among which is a religious website for a Temple in Pithapuram, a place in Andhra Pradesh, India. The second one is the entry sent for the website of Andhra Pradesh State Crime Investigation Department (CID). I have also worked for the design of a Music Jamming website.


AlcherOnline 2011

AlcherOnline is an online gaming and fun module of our Cultural Fest, Alcheringa. It is a sister website of www.alcheringa.in. I have designed the website for the year 2011. It had a retro look which represented late 80's, to show the theme of the fest i.e., 'Lights, Camera, Action!'. This was my first website ever made.


Bazpur Sugar Website

Bazpur Sugar is a Co-operative Limited in Bazpur, Uttarakhand. I have also designed the website for it. You can visit the website by clicking the link below:
View Website

Portfolio > Website Design > Other Websites