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Mobile Railway Ticketing

Keywords: Smartphone Application, European Railway Ticketing, Task Centered Design

Mentor: Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Thomas Grechenig and  Ms. Karin Kappel, RISE-INSO, TUWien, Austria
Duration: May - July 2012

Project Description
The goal of this project was to develop a concept and design for a Mobile Railway Ticketing Application for generic smartphone users throughout Europe. Hence, there was a need to understand how the European railways work and we had to test the application (a low fidelity working prototype) for its usability.

Process Followed
Initially, we had to have a very deep understanding about how various other existing ticketing applications work and then brainstorm accordingly to introduce new features to it. The process followed was:

  • Market Research and Bench-marking of around 20 existing applications in the market.
  • Features and Information Architecture
  • Interaction Concepts
  • Wireframing
  • Low fidelity prototype
  • User Testing
  • Data Analysis and Iteration

We have introduced new features such as Travel and Tourist information of different places along with the railway ticketing.

Usability Review
  • Firstly, the test materials for the purpose of the User Testing were prepared and also according to the initial development level prototype.
  • A pilot test was run to find the mistakes in the testing material and make the necessary modifications.
  • Conducted the final User Testing with 5 test persons. Think Aloud Protocol was used to understand the user's mental model.
  • The analysis was done in two ways. First, analyzing the each person’s response towards all features. And second, analyzing each feature according to the test persons.
  • Data Analysis and Iterations were done on the prototype.

  • Understanding the differnce between Indian and European Railway systems was very important.
  • To adjust huge data on a small screen.
  • To choose the relevant features.
  • Security and privacy issues.

What I have learnt?
It was a very great experience working with people from different cultures, understanding their needs and their usage of technology. I learnt how a cross-cultural professional team works and putting subjective Usability Testing into practice was very insightful.

Portfolio > Research Projects > Mobile Railway Ticketing Application