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Keywords: Children’s toys, Colors, Embedded Interactions

Guide: Asst. Prof. Keyur Sorathia, IIT Guwahati
Duration: August 2011 - November 2011

Project Description
Design of a color changing toy for children of ages 3yrs to 10yrs, in order to enhance their experience while
interacting with colors. The toy replicates the hue of everything that it touches! The toy has been inspired from Hydra (Polyps, being a subspecies of Hydra changes its colors depending upon its nutrition), which would change its colors by inserting colored food chips into its tentacles. Its an interactive color eating toy which enhances the experience of children with colors. 


Hardware Used

  • Arduino UNO Microcontroller
  • Microcontroller Shield
  • RGD LED Strip
  • Coloured Chips
  • Colour Sensor

Portfolio > Research Projects > SpectaCOLOR