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IBEE Solutions

Keywords: UI/UX Design, Website Design, Graphic Design and Brand Identity

Role: UI/UX, Web Design Intern
Duration: May - July, 2011

UI / UX Design at IBEE

I have designed the User Interfaces for 2 Web-Mobile Apps. I was involved in the information architecture, wireframing, GUI, web design and iteractive design process of these applications.

    For the group of large number of people of an organisation to share contacts in common to all the people of that domain and to manage as well as synchronize them.

    For testing the malware of any website url for safety. This is to prevent phishing of websites.


Web Design at IBEE

At IBEE, I was handed over the task of making several websites, both designing and integration. Following are the websites I worked on:

(Click the links for respective Live websites.)


Graphic and Brand Identity at IBEE
I was part of the the Brand Identity team of North America Telugu Society. I made several flyers, posters, logos for their events that were held in July 2011. Apart from NATS, I have also designed brochures, flyers and banners for Companies like Identis Technologies.


What I have learnt
IBEE Internship was my first industrial experience, wherein i got to know about the industry. I was part of the web design and graphics team as well as the mobile application development team. Working with different teams and mentors proved to be very useful for me as I got to learn immensely in their respective fields.


Portfolio > Industrial Experience > IBEE Solutions